TPControl Device Tokens:

A single TPControl Device Token is for use on a single TPControl device only; Apple, Android or Windows 8/10/RT.

If you lose / replace/ upgrade your device, you can migrate the Token to the new device. Purchased Tokens are not platform specific, so if you choose to upgrade/migrate to an alternate platform, the Token can be migrated accordingly.

See our related article for more details: 

My device was lost|stolen|replaced|upgraded. How do I migrate the Token / License to a new device?

TPControl BYOD Tokens:

A TPControl BYOD Token licenses one AMX control system, but allows any number of TPControl devices (licensed or unlicensed) to connect to the system. We place no restriction on how many devices can connect to a BYOD licensed AMX system.

If the AMX system is replaced due to failure or upgraded to an alternate AMX system, you can migrate the BYOD Token to the replacement AMX System.

Contact your AMX integrator for more details.